Want to learn how to express yourself in English just like you do in your own language?

Welcome to Conversation Anatomy, my collection of exclusive workshops where you will learn and develop the essential conversation skills you need to sound more natural in English.

By learning conversation skills one by one, you will make consistent, measurable, steady progress towards your goal of communicating like a native English speaker. You’ll be guided by an experienced conversation teacher and language coach (that's me!)

Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve been studying English for years, and maybe you live in an English-speaking country, but you know you aren’t communicating the same way as native speakers.
  • You know that your vocabulary and grammar is good, even excellent, and you are able to get your point across. But you feel like something is “off.” You feel like you speak in short, simple sentences while native speakers seem so expressive and interesting.
  • When you have casual conversations in English, you find it hard to jump in and participate in the conversation. When you’re in business meetings or academic discussions, you don’t feel confident about the way you’re expressing your thoughts.
  • You’re frustrated because you can express yourself really well in your native language. When you speak your language, people always tell you how well-spoken you are, and you feel relaxed, confident, and comfortable.
  • You want this feeling in English. You want to sound more natural in English, maybe even as good as a native speaker. You want to feel comfortable speaking up in conversations.
  • You want to be able to decipher and understand the flow of conversation. You want to strengthen and improve the language skills that are most useful for communicating in English.
  • You want to sound more professional, handle everyday conversations with ease, and feel confident and friendly in social situations.

I have good news for you. You’re in the right place!

We both know that having better conversations in English is essential to making friends, getting along with colleagues, and being trusted to get work done in English. So I designed these workshops for people like you and me - people who understand that speaking English is not just about vocabulary and grammar, it’s about truly communicating well.

If you’re ready to really understand English conversations and start expressing yourself like a native speaker, then join me inside Conversation Anatomy.

Kim Bright Colors

I’m Kim, and I'm an online English teacher and coach. I work with motivated non-native English speakers who want to sound more natural, more professional, and more fluent in English so that they can achieve their personal, professional, and academic goals.

I focus on essential conversation skills so that you and your meaning can be more easily understood when speaking.

I know how important it is to be able to connect with other people in a language that isn’t our first. (I now speak Spanish fluently but it wasn’t always that way!)

I get it: you want to feel included and fit in when having conversations in English without always having to apologize or explain what you meant.

Through the course of working with you, I diagnosed and got to the root of my problems. I’ve learned that small nuances make a big impact on how people perceive, or receive, my message and that key messages are more important than sounding perfect. What I needed wasn’t perfection, but communication.

-Min Jeong, South Korea

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Let me introduce you to Conversation Anatomy.

Ready to gain real, practical skills that will immediately help you communicate better in the office, at school, or with friends?

Conversation Anatomy is a unique, one-of-a-kind collection of workshops focused specifically on conversation skills. If you really want to connect with other people through conversations in English, these courses are for you.

I am not talking just about understanding conversations, but leading them, participating in them, and contributing to them.

I know you already have the language background, now let’s put it together and get you speaking with confidence!

Imagine this…

  • Being able to start a conversation in English with anyone, anywhere
  • Knowing how to transition easily and fluidly between topics
  • Figuring out how to share your opinion with confidence, and, most importantly, without sounding rude
  • Feeling certain that the questions you’re asking are appropriate, interesting, and basically ensure you’ll have a great conversation
  • Understanding how to respond to other people in a way that keeps the conversation going and shows that you're interested and engaged in what they are saying

How would that feel?

When you commit to focusing intensively on communication techniques, your progress will be consistent, giving you enough time to master one important concept before moving on to the next one. Workshop by workshop, you’ll gain more skills and have more confidence using them together (that’s why it’s called conversation anatomy - all the skills work together!).

With the skills you'll gain in Conversation Anatomy, you'll learn to express yourself just like you do in your own language.

What's Included

  • Detailed video workshops organized logically that cover complementary skills
  • MP3 and PDF downloads so that you can practice conversation skills when you're offline, even when you're traveling or exercising!
  • Bonus video content that will help you deepen your understanding of communication in English
  • Access to all updates and improvements to the courses
  • Priority enrollment in future group programs

What other people are saying...

In my humble opinion you are awesome... you didn't just provide us with the combination of words which we have to use... but you provide us also with the emotional part... with feelings... what to say in which occasion... that's absolutely fantastic for me!

-Vladimir, Serbia

And you’ll gain even more...

  • You’ll develop and use skills that enable you to connect to others and engage in natural conversation.
  • You’ll learn how to express your emotions, feelings, and attitude in ways that truly reflect your ideas.
  • You’ll master communication strategies that will enable you to achieve your personal, professional, and academic goals.
  • You’ll finally fit in with native speakers and feel comfortable in conversations, and not have to worry that what you say will surprise or offend people.
  • You’ll feel like you belong because you’re able to navigate and even lead conversations in English. Finally!

This is what native speakers do. And you can learn it too. Let me be your guide, your coach, and your teacher. 

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